SRCN 2000

Rotary Head Marble And Granite Cutting Machine With Hydraulic Damper 45 Full Automatic On 4 Sides
Our SRCN 2000 model is the most professional form of side cutting. Our machine has a superior working system than the standard bridge cutting. It can automatically cut width and length cuts in desired quantities and sizes. The most important feature that distinguishes our machine from its class is that it can cut both on the way and on the way. It is the ability to cut 4 sides at 45 degrees or straight without turning the stone. It can tilt and lift the wagon with hydraulic damper and double piston. It is an automatic machine and is provided with a 45 degree angle retractor system. The table length and width of this machine is 1900 – 3300 mm. The cutting capacity of our machine is 1900 – 3700 mm, providing maximum life by using NPU in the chassis parts of our machine. The rails are closed and it is tried to be protected from the damages that may occur from water and external factors. The bellows system is applied in the forward and reverse movement system. Our machine can be fitted with a saw with a diameter of 350 – 600 mm. The main engine power of the machine is 9 – 13 kW and it is double speed. Movement systems are provided with a touch screen from the user panel. It is controlled by PLC control unit. If desired, a speed controller can be attached to the main motor for speed adjustment. Line laser is available to align the stones.
SRCN 4000