SRCN 1500 Closed Rail

Rotating Head Marble and Granite Cutting Machine with Rotating Head and Wagon Automatic
Our Srcn 1500 closed rail model can be cut on the side, cut at 45 degrees and cut the head. The head is 0-90 automatic rotation and 0-45 degrees automatic reclining to the cut. It is provided with the reducer system. The rail system is closed and it is tried to be protected from the damages that may occur from water and external factors. Wagon movement system and saw section (head sizing) back and forth movement systems are automatic and speed controlled. There is a counter system in our machine. You can give the saw a single measure back and forth. The table length and width of our machine is 1500-2700 mm, the cutting capacity of our machine is 1500-3500 mm. Maximum life is provided by using NPU in the chassis parts of our machine. Bellows system is applied in the forward and backward slides of our machine. Saws with diameters of 350 to 500 mm can be attached to our machine. The main engine power of the machine is 7,5-9 kW and it is double speed. Movement systems are provided from the user panel with a button.
SRCN 4000