Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

To continuously improve our system in order to always catch and maintain customer satisfaction, together with these improvements; In all our activities, with our commitment to being open to public access, with our sensitivity to society, the environment, customers, quality and our employees,

To abide by the legal and regulatory requirements, to exceed all relevant legislation and other requirements if possible,

Using energy and natural resources efficiently by adhering to legal conditions in all our activities,

To meet customer expectations by providing quality products and services on time,

Using our resources in a way that minimizes waste,

To prevent loss of national wealth and unconscious consumption of resources,

To provide safe operating and working conditions to our employees, visitors and subcontractors,

To ensure that the works are carried out in a safe and secure manner in terms of the health of the employees,

To direct our work with the belief that work accidents and occupational diseases are preventable, with the aim of creating the necessary awareness and culture on occupational health and safety by organizing a continuous training program for our employees,

Our general policy is to ensure that our employees adopt an understanding of quality and actively participate in the Quality Management System.